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Karen's portfolio

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Summary of Interest Assessment Scores


Realistic: 38

Investigate: 17

Artistic: 40

Social: 46

Enterprising: 46

Conventional: 21

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During 7th grade, I think my favorite project was Exhibition #3 "Who Am I? Who Will I Become?". For this assignment, I pretended that I was a famous fashion designer and I helped children around the world. I got to make a sculpture, write a transcript for a fake interview and write a poem about what I had accomplished. I think I enjoyed this project because it made me realize all of the possible things I could accomplish when I finish school.


I really liked the New York trip. I have always wondered what had happened to the twin towers after 9/11 and it was really cool to see the two pools. I really thought the CSI exhibit was fun because we actually got to solve a murder mystery! Learning about the Dead Sea Scrolls was okay but I thought it was kind of boring. I really did enjoy going to the different places, but to be honest, I think the real reason I liked it was because I got to go to New York with my classmates.


My favorite topic that I studied this year was definately advertising. I didn't think I was going to like it but then when I watched "Consuming Kids"I really enjoyed learning all of the different ways companies try to get you to buy their things. Now, when a commercial comes on, I point out to my parents all of the tricks that commercials play on you. PEGASUS really taught me a lot.

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